ACAS is involved not only in the development of future accelerator technologies but also the future generation of accelerator physicists. To nuture these students, so that are ready to build and run the next generation of accelerators, ACAS provides summer schools and graduate level supervisors for students interested in the field of accelerator physics.

ASAP2012 - ACAS School for Accelerator Physics

Australian Synchrotron, Melbourne, 26 November to 3 December 2012

Ever wondered how the LHC produces the elusive Higgs Boson? Do you know how the Australian Synchrotron produces beams brighter than the Sun?

Find out this summer at the Australian Synchrotron with lecturers from the World's largest particle accelerator the LHC at CERN and the World's first X-Ray Free Electron Laser at SLAC.

What is an X-Ray Free Electron Laser I hear you ask? Apply to attend ASAP2012 to find out!

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RISE - Residential Indigenous Science Experience

To bring the frontier of science to regional communities of Australia, ACAS is running a 4 day workshop for Regional Indigenous High School Students which will see the students visit different scientific institutions around the Melbourne metropolitan area including the University of Melbourne's various science departments, the Australian Synchrotron, IBM, Science Works and many others.

CERN Summer Studentship 2013

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To assist the next generation of students in developing the next generation of particle accelerators ACAS, in association with CERN, each year sends a student to work at the largest and most prestigious particle accelerator facility, the Large Hadron Collider. During their stay, the student will work on an 8 week project at CERN and attend 6 weeks of lectures covering topics including Accelerator Physics, High Energy Physics and Beyond Standard Model Physics.

CERN Summer School Students
2012: Thomas Lucas
2011: David Ogburn
2010: Sophie Dawson
2009: Tessa Charles
2008: Kent Wootton
2007: David Peake

2013 ACAS-CERN High School Physics Teachers Program

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