Ion Beam Implantation + Ion Beam analysis

Developing advanced materials for quantum computing and electronic devices requires advanced techniques and instrumentation.

We are the only facility in Australia for controlled implantation of a broad range of atomic species into a wide range of materials. This capability supports research in areas such as microelectronics, optoelectronics, photonics, materials science, quantum computing and sensing devices.

Beams of high-energy ions can change the physical, chemical and electrical properties of materials where they stop. They can also be used to analyse the internal structure of materials at an atomic scale. Regardless of the application, these techniques require a high degree of control and precision.

Our facility operates three electrostatic accelerators for ion-beam modification and analysis of materials. The high energy ion implanter (1.7 MV tandem accelerator) can produce ions with energies up to 10 MeV, whilst the low–energy ion implanter operates in the energy range 15 – 150 keV, each implanting ions from a broad range of elements into cooled or heated (77 – 670 K) samples.

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