Other industries

We help Australian researchers and companies find innovative solutions to treat cancer, grow crops sustainably, find new energy resources, monitor our environment and safeguard our future – and that’s just the beginning.

Our facilities are versatile and adaptable, enabling research and development across a wide range of high-priority science and technology applications.

Below are a few examples showcasing how our capabilities support key areas of national importance.

Medical therapies

Fighting cancer

We play a vital role in developing life-saving cancer treatments in Australia, mainly focused on understanding how radioactivity interacts with tissue. This world-class research has informed treatment planning by the Australian Bragg Centre for Proton Therapy and Research in Adelaide, South Australia. It has been included in international nuclear reaction modelling.

Resources + Energy

Versatile radioisotopes

The sensitivity required to detect the smallest isotope concentrations is constantly in demand for groundwater age and flow measurements and for locating mineral reserves, including uranium and coal seam gas.

Food + Agriculture

World-leading capabilities

Our world-leading isotope separation, detection, and measurement capabilities allow us to monitor soil erosion, assess groundwater age and flow in artesian reserves and characterise the build-up of radioactivity in plants, including important bushfood resources. We deliver this critical information to communities, government departments, managers and health professionals. 

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