Enabling research

Advancing research in areas such as space, defence, cancer diagnosis and therapy, advanced materials and quantum technologies is underpinned by fundamental science—and accelerators are key to acquiring that knowledge

Quantum computing

Unique in Australia and rare in the world, our high-energy particle accelerators enable the precise fabrication of quantum bits, or qubits, based on individual atoms which provide the building blocks of quantum processors, memory and sensors.

Space + astrophysics

Our accelerators allow users to explore fundamental questions about the origin and structure of our universe. We also test Australian-built satellite components to ensure they will work in the harsh radiation environment found in space.

Advanced materials

Our ion accelerators characterise and fundamentally change the physical and chemical properties of matter at the atomic level. This has contributed to Australia’s global leadership in ion-beam modification and analysis of materials research.

Environment + climate

Our particle accelerators enable researchers to measure the levels and movement of radioactive isotopes in the environment, including in soil, groundwater, plants and animals, helping to sheds light on humanity’s impact on the planet.

Nuclear Science

Our collaborators use our accelerators and our custom-built detectors to explore the fundamental architecture of matter at the quantum scale, and use that knowledge to create and innovate.

Other industries

Our versatile facilities help Australian researchers and companies find innovative solutions to treat cancer, grow crops sustainably, find new energy resources, monitor our environment and safeguard our future – and that’s just the beginning.