Advanced materials

Advanced materials are at the heart of many cutting-edge technologies, including next-generation microelectronics, photonics, quantum computing and sensing and energy harvesting.

Our ion accelerators are focussed on characterising and fundamentally changing the physical and chemical properties of matter at the atomic level. These capabilities and the associated research have contributed to Australia’s global leadership in ion-beam modification and analysis of materials research.


Our accelerators allow researchers to:

Irradiate materials

Irradiate materials with a wide range of ion species and energies to modify their physical and chemical properties, with common applications including semiconductor doping, the creation of electronic and photonic quantum centres, defect-mediated electrical isolation, non-equilibrium phases formation and simulation of space environments.

Analyse materials

Analyse the composition and thickness of thin-film materials, with common applications including depth profiling of ion-implanted impurity distribution, validation of thin film stoichiometry and near-surface profiling of hydrogen distributions.


Our infrastructure is critical to many advanced and emerging quantum technologies, particularly in quantum computing and quantum sensors, with potential applications to space and astronomy, cybersecurity and defence.

CSIRO’s Quantum Technology Roadmap predicts that Australia could have a $4 billion quantum technology industry generating 16,000 jobs by 2040, and our accelerators underpin the development of these technologies.

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