Space Irradiation Beamline – Testing components for space

The Radiation Environment

While Australia’s space sector is skyrocketing, the failure rate of the equipment sent to orbit remains overwhelmingly high. Some of the key challenges for the rapidly growing space activity is to ensure the equipment sent into orbit survive the journey to space and continue to function in the hazardous space environment.

One of the harshest hazards in space and the main contribution to mission failures is the radiation environment. Mitigation efforts to lower risks of the space radiation environment are of critical importance, but building in redundancy and shielding materials without comprehensive testing adds weight, complexity, and cost to space missions.

Our Services

A superior way to mitigate the risk of equipment and component failure is to conduct ground-based radiation testing. Such testing has the potential to make equipment lighter, simpler and more reliable by understanding where vulnerabilities lie thus, knowing where to best protect.

The state-of-the-art Space Irradiation Beamline at the Heavy Ion Accelerators Facility (HIAF) provides the essential radiation testing the space industry needs. It emulates the radiation conditions in space in a dedicated chamber where space equipment can be placed and tested for their specific mission requirements.

Many industry and research groups are making use of the facility to test the equipment sent to space, including materials, solar cells and electronic boards and devices.

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The information about our technical capabilities is available in the Space Radiation Testing flyer.

Our testing parameters and requirements are detailed in the User Guide for testing at HIAF-SIBL.

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