Nuclear Ion Microprobe Capabilities

Condensed matter physics explores the properties and behaviour of different types of matter under certain conditions.

This diverse field has applications ranging from building new quantum devices, developing better semiconductors and other electronics, exploring how proteins and neurons behave in living things, and analysing the composition of rock samples to make mineral extraction more efficient.

We are a partner of the ARC Centre for Excellence for Quantum Computing and Technology (CQC2T) and host a joint program with the CSIRO Division of Exploration and Mining on the analysis of geological materials. Our partnerships and facilities have enabled researchers to develop the blueprints for a large-scale quantum computer and ultra-sensitive magnetic probes to detect the electromagnetic signal of cellular processes in biology.

We operate an NEC 5U tandem electrostatic accelerator operated as a proton microprobe, delivering ion beams to three beamline instruments including the world-leading MAIA X-ray pixel detector array for materials analysis. We also operate a low energy Colutron ion implanter, housed in a clean-room, capable of implanting argon, nitrogen and phosphorous ions.

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