Nuclear education and training

With the nation’s highest-energy ion accelerator and its internationally-recognised team of scientists and technicians, we are uniquely placed to support Australia’s sovereign skills base in nuclear science.

We support our host universities, particularly the ANU, who offer nuclear physics and technology education and training opportunities for a wide range of skill levels, educational backgrounds and contexts.

Our facilities support the provision of education and training. They include dedicated instruments and equipment for nuclear physics experiments, including fusion, fission, nuclear structure, astrophysics, and electron spectroscopy.


We are uniquely placed to build Australia’s sovereign capabilities in nuclear physics and enhance this country’s standing as a global research leader by attracting and training world-class scientists and early career researchers.

As well as our formal training courses, we welcome more than 300 student visitors per year from across Australia, ranging from high school through to postgraduate level, cultivating the next generation of innovators and industry leaders.

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