Quantum computing

Quantum computers are on the verge of revolutionising computing and will soon be able to solve complex problems well beyond the capabilities of conventional computers.

Unique in Australia and rare in the world, our high-energy particle accelerators enable the precise fabrication of quantum bits, or qubits, based on individual atoms which provide the building blocks of quantum processors, memory and sensors.


Our particle accelerators allow the manipulation of the structure of materials, with meticulous control of the number and location of implanted ions. This atom-level precision is critical to many advanced and emerging quantum technologies.

Single atom processing

We are able to select a single atom to embed into a precisely selected location as a method of fabricating arrays of single-atom qubits. Our ion implantation approach allows this technique to be used for almost any atom and many varied applications.

Isotopically Pure Materials

We prepare silicon with extremely high purity as a starting material for silicon-based quantum circuits. Our novel method of producing isotope-enriched silicon cost-effectively creates the highly purified layers essential for silicon-based quantum computers.

Creation of sensors and components

We develop sensors and components for quantum devices. We manipulate the structure of diamonds to put these precisely where our clients need them. Sensors are created close to the diamond’s surface to interact with the environment, whereas the quantum computing centres are placed deep within the diamond to protect them from external interference.


Our infrastructure is critical to many advanced and emerging quantum technologies, particularly in quantum computing and quantum sensors, with potential applications to space and astronomy, cybersecurity and defence.

CSIRO’s Quantum Technology Roadmap predicts that Australia could have a $4 billion quantum technology industry generating 16,000 jobs by 2040, and our accelerators underpin the development of these technologies.

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